My name is ENDUBU

Born in 1984, Democratic Republic of Congo, visual artist

Je ne sais pas

To inspire and awakening my society to action.

How would you describe your own style?


Which 5 things would you take with you to a desert island?

L'eau, crayon, carnet de dessin, toile et gouache.

With which 4 people (dead or alive) would you like to spend a creative weekend?

Ma femme, Michael Ange, kyhinde, Eddy kamwanga

In your opinion, which trends are currently dominating the art world?

Pop Arts

Who or what has inspired you most in the last 12 months?

L'homme et l'environnement

Which person outside art do you admire? And for what?

Mon conseiller artistique

What would you regret at the end of your life not having done?

Des nouvelles approches dans la création

What do you currently discuss most with your artist colleagues?

Des nouvelles approches dans la création

What should your obituary say?

Je ne sais pas

What is the best work of art ever?

La création d'Adam

Who is the best artist ever?

Michaël Ange

My message to the world

Reboisons les bonnes habitudes pour la survie de l'humanité et de notre planète.

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