My name is Gedeprensunpre Agorsor

Born in 2002, Ghana. I do Painting, Sculpture, Performance, Photography, Installation, Drawing, ⁠⁠Mixed Media, Other

Where did you grow up?

Accra, Ghana

Why did you become an artist?

Like falling in love, I fell in Art. One never really knows how and why one falls in it.

How would you describe your own style?

I would have used the terms, ‘Inconsistent… pretentious….subliminal… and nonsensical…” However, recognizing the limitations of these labels, I’d rather stick to neither. I’m at a deadlock. Perhaps my works should best be seen.

What expectations were placed on you when you were a child?

I was expected to do well. To put effort, if not succeed, in every worthwhile endeavor.

What profession could you be in if you were not an artist?


Who is your favourite artist of all time and what is your favourite artwork of all time?

To pick one out of these would mean to betray the truth–Yinka Shonibare, Elif Shafak, Chimamanda Adichie, Thomas Heatherwick, Virginia Woolf, and so on…ad infinitum…The list is inexhaustible!! Oh I nearly missed Mary Sibandi!… Oh and Chinua…

Which person outside art do you admire? And for what?

I admire a little toddler I met in a village in Togo, now a figment of my imagination. Despite my efforts to befriend her, she remained distant and unfriendly. Even when I offered her sweets, she took them with a straight face, her back turned to me, without casting so much as a glance in my direction. In her distance, in her reserved mystery and independence, I found a form of art—one that embodies the beauty of an unyielding spirit and the inscrutable complexities of human nature….. Not after all outside of Art, it seems.

What advice would you give to your younger self? (16-18 years old)

Not like he’ll even take it.

What do you like about the culture you grew up in?

I’m not sure. Perhaps I might have to spend time in another culture other than my own to see a clear answer. Films, and the media, they say, can’t be trusted as a basis for legitimate comparison…

With which 3 people (dead or alive) would you like to spend a creative weekend?

Choosing just three people from my long list of inspiring artists—writers, musicians, architects, and more—is incredibly tough. There are so many I’d love to spend a creative weekend with that picking at random might be the only fair way! The truth is, there are just too many incredible minds to narrow it down easily and honestly. 🤔

If you had to live in a different African city, not in the country where you were born or raised, which city would you pick and why?

Nairobi. Thanks to it’s tourist industry’s success in constructing a titillating image of heaven on earth. Irresistible!

What message would you want artists to hear right now?

Everything step in pursuit of Art matters.