My name is Made Of Brown

Born in 1990, Nigeria. I do Painting, Drawing

Where did you grow up?

Enugu state, Nigeria

Why did you become an artist?

Because i have great passion and dedication for creativity.

How would you describe your own style?

Unique, bold and captivating

What expectations were placed on you when you were a child?

To become a doctor

What profession could you be in if you were not an artist?


Who is your favourite artist of all time and what is your favourite artwork of all time?

Kevin Okafor, jono dry

Which person outside art do you admire? And for what?

Chris Brown

What advice would you give to your younger self? (16-18 years old)

Never stop learning and developing in whatsoever you love

What do you like about the culture you grew up in?

The respect for life and mother land

With which 3 people (dead or alive) would you like to spend a creative weekend?

Olaku, Bob ross, kevin okafor,

If you had to live in a different African city, not in the country where you were born or raised, which city would you pick and why?

South africa

What message would you want artists to hear right now?

Whatsoever you do keep creating