My name is Edward Selematsela

I´m a visual artist from South Africa

Why did you become an artist?

rt was planted in my heart at a tender age.

How did you get into art? How did it all start?

It all started at primary school, after teachers noticed my sketches, started encouraging me.

What was the highlight in your art career so far?

It was my first painting I sold in 1990 to a Spanish journalist – it is still vivid in my mind.

If you were not an artist - what would be your profession, what was your childhood dream if not being an artist?

I would be a farmer, I like the smell of the soil, I like to see a seed planted grow to become a big tree. I respect farmers and their expertise.

Who or what has inspired you most in your life?

Practical faith inspires me

Which person outside art do you admire? And for what?

My late brother who looked after me when no one was there.

Which 5 things would you take with you to a desert island?

Water, book of life, pap, vleis, aromat.

Which three people you would like to have for an evening at your dinner table?

That would be my wife, daughter and my son.

What would you regret at the end of your life not having done?

Helping fellow human beings in times of need, a good investment is in the lives of the people.

What is the best work of art ever in your opinion and why?

My best art ever......was done by an eight year old from my class, the painting was innocently painted without any guilt of mistake, splashed watercolors. Childrens art is the best for me.

If you had the chance for a 1-year art residency which country would you choose and why?

La francaise... Because majority of the people value art a lot.

How do you spend your time if you are not creating art – which other passions do you have?

I like reading motivational books.

My message to the world

Life is too short, to walk in unforgiveness.

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